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The process for starting a new meetup

Creating a new Meetup Group
  • Let us know the name of the City, State and Country you want the group created to
  • Once your group has been created we will add you as Assistant Organiser

(STRICTLY: Please know that all communication and event announcements must be done by a Confluent Community team member - if there is something you want to send to the group, please speak to or your community contact - if you fail to do this, we may remove you from the management role of the group within

Grow the group to 50 members

We will aim to have 50 members before having our first event, the group will grow in a couple of ways:

  • These will grow organically through the process of promoting itself to meetup members of other relevant groups with similar interests.
  • Of course, your local contacts and network being invited to the group will be ideal to maximise growth!
Let’s plan a meetup event!

Once we hit 50 members we can go ahead and schedule a meetup. What we need your help with:

A Date and time! - things to consider:
  • We look to announce events publicly about a month before the date, so we need notice
  • Generally we look to hold meetups on Tuesday or Thursday evenings.
  • The length is usually 2 (or 2.5 hours with two speakers) between the times of 5pm and 9pm
A local Kafka Speaker
  • For initial events we will most likely not be able to send someone from Confluent so a bit of help finding the first speaker would be great!
  • Please direct potential speakers to the speaker resources above!
A free venue is ideal - Points about the venue:
  • Tips for finding meetup venues:
    • CoWorking Spaces
    • Companies that are using Kafka and want to hire local Kafka users or simply promote what they’re doing with the technology!
  • We need AV equipment (Mic, HDMI enabled projector/screen (+ Mac adapter, presentation clicker
  • We need Theatre style/classroom seating
  • We need A table to leave swag and catering)
  • We need Someone on site to help with logistics, that could be you! (bear in mind Community team does not generally attend meetup events themselves and rely on local help for this)
  • If we cannot find a host to pay for catering and beverages, we don’t mind helping with payment (though please refer to the sponsorship and payment section below for more details on how we go about this process)
  • If you can help be the point of contact for the pizza/drinks on the day to receive the delivery, it would be much appreciated.
  • Generally we go for Pizza beer and soft drinks, but this can vary by venue restrictions, culture or preference of the location, etc.
Swag Receiving and set up
  • We will most likely be able to send swag before the event, this will contain:
    • Kafka T-Shirts
    • Kafka Stickers
    • Some Collateral
  • We need you or someone in your location to receive the goods, please provide us with the following contact delivery information
    • Name:
    • Number:
    • Email:
    • Company:
    • Address:
  • It would be great if you could please set out the swag for attendees, best to put it near where they are eating pizza and networking.
    • Please bear in mind we send swag for about 50% of attendees, there will not be swag for each attendee. If we run out and someone is desperate, please put them in contact with us.
  • Disclaimer: Please bear in mind SWAG is not guaranteed, we may not be able to send if there are issues related to your country’s customs policies and other unforeseen circumstances.
What do we need to announce the event to
  • Date
  • Time/agenda
    • What happens?
    • Below is a typical agenda
      • 6:00pm: Doors open
      • 6:00-6:30pm: Pizza, Drinks and Networking
      • 6:30-7:30pm: talk 1
      • 7:30-8:00pm: Additional Q&A & Networking
  • What do we need to announce the event to
  • Venue information
    • Venue FULL address
    • Venue information needed for attendees, such as parking, security, extra direction, anything the venue wants attendees to know before/when they arrive.

The Community Team’s meetup sponsorship process:

The Community Team’s meetup sponsorship process:
  • The first thing you need to make sure of is that we ( have approved your event to be sponsored
  • Though the Confluent community team has a reasonably low budget, we are happy to try and support events whenever we can by sending swag and also providing catering for the event, when needed. However, this can never be guaranteed.
  • Please also bear in mind, you will need express approval for sponsorship from your Confluent contact for each event that is organised. Just because we organised a past event, does not mean we are approved to do it again.
Once we agree on who will order the catering and have a good idea of attendee numbers (50% of RSVPs generally), we will decide the process for payment. There are 3 options:
  • The best option is for you to order yourself and give us the number of the vendor to call afterwards to provide our Company Credit Card Details.
  • You can suggest a vendor and we can call ourselves and pay with our own Credit Card
  • You can pay for it through your company/business (no individual person will be able to be reimbursed by Confluent, so please make no payments without consulting with us first) and we will be able to process the reimbursement to your company within 4 weeks. For this to happen we will need an invoice, Photo of the receipt and this form filled [please create your own copy].

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