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Event Streaming Connects Lowe’s 2,000 Stores for a Smooth Flow of Data Across the Enterprise

One of the largest home improvement retailers in the world, Lowe’s is committed to providing the best possible service and the highest value across every channel and in every community it serves. That effort requires data, of course. Each of Lowe’s 2,000 stores functions as a mini data center, if you consider how many events are generated every day. Lowe’s is moving away from traditional messaging platforms and engaging in event streaming in order to get all that data moving across different regions and within the cloud. To learn more, watch this Q&A with Lowe’s Domain Architect, Bhanu Solleti.

Apache Kafka® and Confluent Platform are at the core of an event-driven architecture that connects systems across cloud platforms, data centers, and brick-and-mortar stores. This architecture, along with enterprise-ready solutions like replicators and connectors, helps Lowe’s improve time to market and respond quickly to new business drivers—shifting store hours, increased curbside pickup, and a range of other imperatives that have emerged during the pandemic.

Bhanu Solleti

Domain Architect

We needed a real-time event streaming architecture to improve the time to market for new apps and reduce the time it takes to stand up and build new clusters and transform a couple of key use cases. Confluent Platform is really helping us, enabling us to move the data in more flexible and reliable ways.

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