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Nuuly schließt mit Confluent Cloud reibungslosen Launch seines neuen Abo-Service für Kleidungsverleih ab

For almost 40 years, Urban Outfitters has been creating unique shopping experiences through well-respected brands that include Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters. The company recently launched Nuuly, a clothing rental subscription service that is fully aligned with its long-standing mission of enabling customers to express themselves through their wardrobes and the spaces they keep. Subscribers to Nuuly can choose six items per month from the service’s large and growing collection of up-and-coming designers, iconic labels, and unique vintage finds. Nuuly handles the laundering, dry cleaning and any needed repairs once items are returned, while subscribers have the option to purchase items they want to keep.

A team of engineers and developers at Nuuly designed, built and deployed a real-time event streaming architecture based on Confluent Cloud and Apache Kafka in just six months. This architecture serves as the IT foundation for all of the company’s operations and has enabled a flawless launch, stable production operations, and a reduction in administrative overhead.


Build an entire new clothing rental subscription service from the ground up, in a matter of months


Use Confluent Cloud and Apache Kafka with the help of Confluent Customer Success expertise to build a reliable, real-time event-driven architecture that serves as the core operating platform for the entire service


  • Flawless launch
  • Stable production operations
  • Crucial target launch date met
  • Administrative overhead reduced by 10

Chirag Dadia

Director of Engineering

Confluent Cloud und Kafka stellen das zentrale digitale Nervensystem unseres Unternehmens dar. Dabei ist aus technologischer Sicht von kundenorientierten Anwendungen bis hin zum Betrieb unseres Distributionszentrums alles mit eingeschlossen.

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