Confluent Cloud for Google Cloud Platform

Fully Managed Apache Kafka® As a Service for GCP

Confluent delivers a resilient, scalable, event streaming platform deployable in minutes on Google Cloud Platform. With fully managed Apache Kafka and pre-built connectors to GCP services such as BigQuery, Confluent Cloud enables developers to easily build event driven applications, big data pipelines for machine learning, AI, and real-time streaming analytics.

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With Confluent Cloud on GCP, you don’t have to worry about operating or maintaining Kafka.

  • Vorteil 1

    Skalierung mit Cloud-nativer Agilität

    • Keine Größenanpassung oder Bereitstellung von Clustern erforderlich
    • Pay only for what you use
  • Vorteil 2

    Betrieb unternehmenskritischer Enterprise-Apps

    • Verfügbarkeit von 99,95 %
    • Enterprise-grade security and compliance
  • Vorteil 3

    Do more with fully managed Kafka

    • Ensure data compatibility with Schema Registry
    • Real-time stream processing with ksqlDB (in preview)
Chirag Dadia
Director of Engineering bei Nuuly
We truly think of Confluent Cloud and Kafka as the central nervous system of our business, spanning everything from the customer-facing applications to distribution center operations from a technology perspective.

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Consumption Based Pricing

  • In wenigen Minuten mit dem Streaming beginnen
  • Elastically scale up to 100MBps
  • Retention of up to 5TB.
  • Pay for what you use with consumption-based pricing


Custom Pricing

  • Custom cluster provisioning
  • Stream without limits with a service designed to meet your needs
  • VPC peering option to provide private networking connectivity between your clients and Confluent Cloud

Quickstart Tutorial

Want a step-by-step guide to get started?

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Consumption Based Pricing

Preisbeispiel 01

In June, your cluster has a total of 100GB of data going in and a total of 200GB of data going out. At any given point, the cluster uses 100GB of storage. The cluster is in Google Cloud region us-east1.

Data in charges:

100GB x $0,11/GB = $11,00

Data out charges:

200GB x $0,11/GB = $22,00

Gebühren für die Datenspeicherung:

100GB x $0,10/GB pro Monat = $10,00

Total charges

$11.00 + $22.00 + $10.00 = $43.00

Preisbeispiel 02

In June, you are running a cluster that streams data in and data out at a rate of 1MB/sec with a 7-day retention policy. The cluster is in Google Cloud region us-east1.

Data in charges:

1MB/sec x 86,400 sec/day x 30 days --> 2,531GB x $0.11/GB = $278.41

Data out charges:

1MB/sec x 86,400 sec/day x 30 days --> 2,531GB x $0.11/GB = $278.41

Gebühren für die Datenspeicherung:

1MB/sec x 86,400 sec/day x 7 days x replication (3) --> 1772GB x $0.10/GB-month = $177.20

Total charges

$278.41 + $278.41 + $177.20 = $734.02

*Prices vary by cloud region.




A team of engineers and developers at Nuuly designed, built and deployed a real-time event streaming architecture based on Confluent Cloud and Apache Kafka in just six months.


Recursion Accelerates Drug Discovery with New Data Pipelines Based on Confluent Cloud


Scrapinghub Accelerates Next-Generation Web Scraping Service with Confluent Cloud.

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