The Modern Data
Platform for Government

Founded by the team that built Apache Kafka®, Confluent delivers an event streaming platform that enables agencies to easily access data as real-time streams, unlock legacy data, and meet modern government application requirements.

Enable modern data-driven
operations with Confluent

Government agencies understand that making smarter, more effective use of their data is critical to improved fiscal stewardship, accountability, public policies, program effectiveness, and mission success.

The Confluent event streaming platform enables government organizations to unlock and repurpose their existing data for countless modern applications and use cases.


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Responsive Citizen Engagement

Deliver faster, more personalized and responsive engagements with citizens and other agency stakeholders with event streaming

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Data Modernization

Transition data from being static to event-driven, from batch to real-time, from siloed to integrated

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Unlocking IoT

As the only streaming platform built entirely on Apache Kafka, Confluent is the ideal solution for unlocking the value of all IoT data

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  • Real Time Data Fusion & Correlation
  • Sensor Fabric
  • Smart Supply Chain
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Security Operations

Securing your agency's data is critical. The Confluent Platform makes it possible to run Kafka as a central platform, streaming and securing your data to support the mission.

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Situational Awareness

From public safety to tactical military missions, integrating and activating data in real-time can help your agency make better decisions, faster.

  • Command & Control
  • Readiness Reporting
  • Mission Planning
  • Law Enforcement


Data Modernizations Impact on Citizen Experience

Government agencies know they must modernize their tools and processes if they want to launch modern, data-driven applications that advance their operations, citizen services, and mission success.

The Modernized Data Landscape

Jason Schick, Director of U.S. Public Sector for Confluent sits down with FCW to discuss how an event streaming platform is changing the way government agencies access data.

Building a Global Data Fabric with Apache Kafka

Building an Event Driven Global Data Fabric with Apache Kafka A global data fabric is an emerging approach to help connect mission to data across multiple locations and deliver uniformity and consistency at scale. Watch this webinar to learn how Confluent can help.

State & Local Government Technology Interview

Jason Schick, Director of U.S. Public Sector for Confluent, discusses how an event-centric approach to data unlocks the value of historical and real-time data across state and local agencies.

Mission Ready Apache Kafka

The Confluent Platform provides enterprise security features for Apache Kafka to be secured to the standards required for our Nation's defense. We understand what it takes to harden and secure our platform for accreditation and it is our goal to help our customers meet their mission securely.

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If you can dream it, we can stream it.

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