An Introduction to KSQL: Streaming SQL for Apache Kafka

An Introduction to KSQL: Streaming SQL for Apache Kafka

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Learn about the new Streaming SQL.

Learn how to build real-time streaming applications with KSQL, the open source streaming SQL engine for Apache Kafka. Join us to walk away with an understanding of KSQL's architecture and how to design and deploy interactive, continuous queries for streaming ETL and real-time analytics.

After reviewing the basics of KSQL, we'll use Docker to bootstrap a clickstream app to see how easily we can process a stream of Kafka data. This session will walk through the following:

  • The KSQL environment and its dependencies

  • First and second order constructs such as Streams, Tables, and their behavior

  • Interacting with KSQL via the CLI, learning the basics

  • Build a simple end-to-end example that streams generated data into Grafana

  • Building a schema file

  • Monitoring the environment and resources

  • Walking through the clickstream ‘demo’ app

  • Adding additionality functionality to the demo app

  • KSQL roadmap

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