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Confluent Cloud: Security Overview and Recommendations

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The threat of a data security breach, someone gaining unauthorized access to an organization’s data, is what keeps CIOs awake at night. Such a breach can quickly turn into a public relations nightmare and result in lost business and steep fines from regulatory agencies. While Apache Kafka® supports modern authentication, authorization and encryption standards, securing Apache Kafka can be challenging and requires experience. At Confluent, we have the deepest Kafka expertise in the industry, which enables us to deliver enterprise-grade security for Apache Kafka in Confluent Cloud™. You can rest assured your cluster and data are secured while we take care of the operational details.



Gwen Shapira, Principal Data Architect, Confluent

Gwen is a principal data architect at Confluent. She has 15 years of experience working with code and customers to build scalable data architectures, integrating relational and big data technologies. She currently specializes in building real-time reliable data processing pipelines using Apache Kafka. Gwen is an Oracle Ace Director, an author of books including Kafka: The Definitive Guide and a frequent presenter at data related conferences. Gwen is also a committer on the Apache Kafka and Apache Sqoop projects.