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Retailers Improve Performance Using Event Stream Data

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The heightened expectations of consumers are forcing a radical evolution in retail. It’s no longer enough to understand a basic demographic. Retailers must be responsive to individual customer’s desires and give them what they want in the moment they’re primed to buy, whatever channel they happen to be on.

Ventana Research finds that more than nine in ten organizations place a high priority on speeding the flow of information and improving the responsiveness of their organizations. This is where event streaming comes in. Even for retailers still beholden to legacy technologies, there are ways to connect data events in real time across the organization. Doing so will help retailers:

  • Boost sales via personalized interactions with a 360° view of customers
  • Provide real-time information about inventory and pricing across channels
  • Improve operations to lower the bottom line
  • Extend all of these concepts to in-store customers, too

There are plenty of opportunities for retailers to exploit real-time streaming data and transform their operations. Download this free report from Ventana Research to learn more.

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