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Lernen Sie Apache Kafka® von Confluent, dem Unternehmen, das von den ursprünglichen Entwicklern von Kafka gegründet wurde.

Confluent Advanced Skills for Optimizing
Apache Kafka®


In this three-day, hands-on course you will learn how to monitor, troubleshoot and tune all components of your Confluent Event Streaming Platform. The course will give you the knowledge and experience to introspect your data pipelines and provide first level support to your company’s production and production-like streaming environments.


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Wer sollte teilnehmen?

This course is designed for support engineers, system administrators, and operations staff responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting and tuning a Confluent Event Streaming Platform.


This is a level 300 course. Attendees should be very familiar and have extended hands-on experience with Kafka and the Confluent Event Streaming Platform. Ideally attendees should have successfully completed the three-day Kafka Operations course. Participants are required to provide a laptop computer with unobstructed internet access to fully participate in the class.

Kursinhalte – Überblick

  • Monitoring basics
  • Generic monitoring and monitoring with Confluent Control Center
  • Production down! Troubleshooting strategies
  • Troubleshooting Toolbelt
  • Troubleshooting ZooKeeper and Kafka Brokers
  • Troubleshooting Kafka Clients such as producers, consumers, as well as Kafka Streams and KSQL applications
  • Troubleshooting Schema Registry and Kafka Connect
  • Troubleshooting Resource Problems
  • Post mortem analysis
  • Business needs & SLAs
  • Tuning ZooKeeper and Kafka Brokers
  • Tuning Kafka clients such as producers, consumers, as well as Kafka Streams and KSQL applications
  • Tuning Kafka Connect

Praktische Übungen

Während des gesamten Lehrgangs werden die behandelten Themen durch Praxisübungen vertieft.

For a more detailed course outline, please view the course information sheet.

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