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Verified Integrations Program

Providing customers an assurance of compatibility and functionality with Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud.

Benefits of building a Connector with Confluent

Technical Guidance, verification service and support

The Verification service is free, and assures the connector is functional and has met specific technical requirements.

Solve Multi Vendor Problems Faster & Easier with TSAnet

TSAnet is multi vendor case management process and tool - essential to alleviate customer concerns about vendor finger pointing.

Build Awareness and Generate Demand with Confluent

Get listed on Confluent Hub, which currently enjoys 1,000s of visits per day, create joint collateral lead gen activities.

Confluent Platform is secure, easy to use and fault tolerant

Enterprise event streaming platform built for unrestricted developer productivity and efficient operations at scale.

The Verified Integrations Program Process


The first step is to let us know you’re building an integration and describe it at a high level.


Confluent will do our best to assist and answer any questions you might have.


Document the integration tests in sufficient detail according to the verification guide and checklists.


Confluent reviews, reproduces if necessary, and publishes to Confluent Hub if appropriate.


Browse the verification guide and decide the best verification strategy for your integration or connector. Gold verifications are connectors that adhere to the Kafka Connect API framework which sets the highest bar for Confluent integrations; other methods are given the standard verification title.

Gold Verifications with Kafka Connect

Verified Gold Connectors

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We want to work with you to discuss how you can build a verified integration with Confluent. Use the form to initiate the verification process, submit your connector, ask questions or arrange for a technical consultation.