Verified Integrations Program

Providing customers an assurance of compatibility and functionality with Confluent Platform and Kafka.

Benefits of building a Connector with Confluent

Benefit #1

Technical Guidance, verification service and support

The Verification service is free, and assures the connector is functional and has met specific technical requirements

Benefit #2

Solve Multi Vendor Problems Faster & Easier with TSAnet

TSAnet is multi vendor case management process and tool - essential to alleviate customer concerns about vendor finger pointing

Benefit #3

Build Awareness and Generate Demand with Confluent

Get listed on Confluent Hub, which currently enjoys 1,000s of visits per day, create joint collateral lead gen activities

Benefit #4

Connect API is a free, easy to use, fault tolerant framework

Better user experience, scalability, integration with Confluent Platform - schema registry, control center, standardized source and sink

The Verified Integrations Program Process

Verification Process #1


The first step is to discuss the overall project so both companies understand the scope and effort involved.

Verification Process #2


As you work through building the connector, Confluent will assist and provide the necessary resources to help.

Verification Process #3


Submit the connector as discussed and outlined in the Verification Guide.

Verification Process #4


Once Confluent verifies the integration we will publish it and work with you on joint assets and demand generation activities.

Building a Connector

Do you have an existing Kafka connector?

  • Review the Connector Verification Checklist
  • Provide updated integration details for the Confluent Hub
  • Submit your connector
  • Contact us for other non-connector integrations

Are you developing a new connector?

  • Read the Connector Verification Guide
  • Watch the online talk on building a connector
  • Contact us to ask questions or initiate the process using the form
  • Submit your connector
  • Contact us for other non-connector integrations

Verified Gold Connectors

KineticaCouchbaseNeo4jVenafiGridGainMongoDBDataStaxPush TechnologyRocksetSnowflakeHumioPrivitar

Sign Up or Contact Us

We want to work with you to discuss how you can build a verified integration with Confluent. Use the form to to initiate the verification process, submit your connector, ask questions or arrange for a technical consultation.